State of the art manufacturing and testing facilities based in Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Maidenhead Unit 01 (Solid Dosage)

(Packaging to be commissioned Q4’17)
(Manufacturing to be commissioned Q3’18)

  • cGMP Compliant Class 100,000 facility with dedicated AHUs
  • Tablets – Coated, plain, Bi-layer, and Gastro-resistant
  • Capsules – Powder and Pellet filling
  • Three independent Granulation Suites from 30kg to 250kg per cycle
  • Blending up to 2000L per batch
  • Roll Compaction
  • High speed Compression machines
  • Coating
  • Capsule Filling to support a large variety of products
  • High Speed Blister Lines with auto-cartonators for primary and secondary packaging
  • On-line 2D matrix printing
Operating Capacities (pa single shift)
  • Bulk Tablets 1350 M
  • Bulk Capsules 150M
  • Packaging 1000M
Quality Control Lab

(To be commissioned Q3’17)

  • State of the art laboratory to support manufacturing and development
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Analytical Method Transfer
  • Optimisation according to cGMP
  • Supports routine testing of raw materials, bulk, finished products, and stability samples
  • Physio-chemical testing with microbiology testing planned in the future
  • In-House Regulatory team to ensure compliance
Warehousing and Distribution
  • In-house Warehousing capacity of 2500 pallets
  • International redistribution through Third Party Logistics

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